International Trade Tours

The Export-Import trade in India is one of the most lucrative of all current global business opportunities. As the world has become more tech savvy, geographical boundaries have shrunked. With emerging trends in the world economic scenario, International trade becomes more and more rewarding, in terms of both profit and personal satisfaction.

The Import – Export training by SeaBridge-IEM gives you skills that you can put to practical use of entire EXIM cycle. Whether you are expanding your business into the international market, starting a business or simply looking at working for an international trade company, this course will quickly teach you the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the import – export trade.

You can start an import - export trade business or take your existing business or product global for long-term success. If you want your own import export trade business, enroll in import-export training program then SeaBridge-IEM is onestop solution.

The program is your key to success and includes education, business builder, business planner, faculty on-going support.

Additionally, we offer wide array of consulting services.

The Import-Export Training by SeaBridge-IEM is for those who wish to expand their international trade education.

This training prepares the candidate to develop export business and management plans.

Consulting services are available to businesses of all sizes that can train your key personnel in import export education, develop export management plans, and teach you how to take your products globally. SeaBridge provides you a readymade platform and IEM trains you to perform on this platform. Hence SeaBridge-IEM is a keyword for your EXIM dream success.

The Import – Export training course has been designed by industry experts to highlight the pros and cons of international trade. With comprehensive and practical approach, participants will complete this course having developed the skills required to expand a business into the international market, start a business or simply begin working for an international trade company.

The participants will benefit from the following:

  • Self-paced study
  • No assignment deadlines
  • Complete this course in months
  • Gain access to an expert tutor working in international trade
  • Skip the commute and save time

International trade fair cities

Here you can find a large selection of fairs and events of different branches in over 1,600 cities worldwide. Fairs are important economic platforms and image carriers for the cities, where the events take place. This is caused by several factors. First of all fairs attract large crowds, increasing the tourism in the cities. Also the restaurants and hotels benefit from these crowds. All in all fairs promote the attractiveness of a region. On TradeFairDates you can select a certain country, so that the list shows you all its important regional and international events. Additionally TradeFairDates offers you a detailed overview of the most important exhibition centres and a selection of hotels close-by.
Click here for - International trade fair cities

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